Second Star to the Right?

“Second to the right, and straight on till morning.”

That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to the Neverland; but even birds, carrying maps and consulting them at windy corners, could not have sighted it with these instructions.

Chapter 4, “The Flight” from Peter Pan by J.M Barrie,

Choosing a name for this blog was extremely difficult to say the least. There was a “je ne sais quoi”, a certain something, that I wanted to convey in the title as an overall theme, but I could never quite verbalize it. After many lists, polling of friends, and my best friend Tara repeating that it was her favorite, I came back to this particular phrase inspired by an old childhood tale which is full of flying, dreams, magic, adventure and friendships.

At first I thought maybe it was too whimsical, childish, or even obvious, but the phrase settled into my bones and on my lips, and I warmed up to the fact that that was exactly what I was wanting and needing to illustrate.

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize what a gift an imagination is: to dream in colors not named by Pantone; envision places not yet seen; and to find “magic” in the most ordinary. The sense of wonder that is so prevalent as a child seems to slowly vanish as we age. That’s why I love children’s books like Le Petit Prince and The Polar Express which broadly address a similar notion about that which is lost from childhood to adulthood.

I fear losing that sense of childlike wonder and awe– part of my joie de vivre. I fear one day that I will no longer dream big dreams or travel to unexplored places in my mind’s eye. And I fear that as I get older, no one else will fear these things anymore and succumb to “growing up”….and worse, will not even care that that is what has happened.

So here’s to striving for “Neverland”, a journey of imagination, love, dreams, and profound wonder; all delicately balanced with threads of wisdom and thought.

One response to “Second Star to the Right?

  1. I adore you and your whimsical, imaginative soul!

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